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Learn how to improve your online student recruitment with digital marketing 

Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Our hands-on intensive Digital Marketing Bootcamp has been developed by ELT-industry specialists Disquiet Dog to help ELT centres improve their digital marketing performance and get results.

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This course gives your staff all the digital marketing knowledge they'll need for your ELT business to compete effectively online. Over two days, participants will gain knowledge and confidence to make changes and improve digital marketing performance on both an organisational and individual level. 

Lead tutor Richard Bradford has extensive and varied experience of working in ELT, including management positions in ELT centres, working as an agent and working as a digital marketing specialist. He brings all of this to the English UK Digital Marketing Bootcamp.

Digital marketing training for ELT

The course follows a logical sequence over two days. Participants can attend both, or either, day. 

Day one:

Covers the essence of digital marketing, providing the backdrop to make sure any changes and projects are a success. The essence of digital marketing, developing an online campaign strategy, creating a digital culture and more.  

Day two:

Builds on day one, and goes into more detail with operations - 'doing' digital marketing, keywords and content, website management, social media and more.

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for those who have little (or no) knowledge of digital marketing, those who have worked without formal guidance. Designed to be practical and accessible, it quickly gets participants up to speed with what is important in digital marketing – your connection to your market.

How will the course be taught?

With a good mix of listening, discussing, problem solving, and working on your own digital context, this two-day intensive course is collaborative, interactive, relevant and fun.

Through combining practical knowledge with theory and planning, participants are supported to plan and embed digital change in the context of your workplace. They'll leave with the tools they need to start boosting your ELT centre's competitiveness across websites and social media as soon as they return to their desks.

What do previous delegates think?

  • "It's all good and extremely good value for money, I thought," Steve says, adding: "It's particularly good Richard has worked in the industry – it's nice learning from people who have done it themselves and know what they're talking about." - Steve Oliver partner in Elizabeth Johnson Organisation.

  • "It was very accessible and useful and I learned a lot. I certainly benefited, and I think people more senior would benefit as well." Felix O'Leary, Wimbledon School of English.


  • Two-day course fees: English UK member £545 (non-member £725)
  • One day course fees: English UK member £295 (non-member £395)

Interested in ELT digital marketing training tailored to your centre?

Here we customise the content of the digital marketing training to your own educational context, with the flexibility to choose between a one or two-day programme.

The benefit of working in a closed group hosted within your organisation is that you're able to discuss the more intimate details of your business, your unique challenges, competitors and strategic objectives. The digital marketing training content and delivery is tailored to the people and functions in the room on the day.