UK ELT market intelligence: insights from Q2 2022
31 August 2022

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Q2 2022 student weeks by age group and source country (top 10 markets)

UK ELT market intelligence: insights from Q2 2022 

The latest figures from our in-depth quarterly statistics show UK ELT sector recovery continued in Q2.  

The volume of both junior and adult student weeks increased significantly on the same quarter last year. However, this return towards pre-pandemic levels continued at a slower pace for the junior segment. Whilst the average volume of student weeks (per participating centre) has reached 70% of the 2019 figure, for juniors it stood at 37%.  

Produced in collaboration with our insight partner BONARD, 36% English UK member centres contribute in-depth source market data to QUIC, our quarterly statistics initiative. The full report and datasets are exclusive to the QUIC participants, but top lines are made publicly available. It's the most up-to-date intelligence available to monitor and understand the pattern of UK ELT market recovery 

Revealed by 120 QUIC members in Q2 2022: 

  • Of their 228-teaching premises, 118 were operational (18 more than in Q1)
  • 105,661 student weeks: 90% adult, 10% juniors
  • Top five adult source markets: Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Switzerland, Japan and Turkey
  • Top five junior source markets: Italy, Spain, Germany, France and Thailand
  • Group bookings 14% of the total (compared with around 20% in pre-Covid years). 

Q2 year-on-year performance (n=119 centres): 

  • Overall student weeks were up 181% on Q2 2021
  • Shift of junior/adult ratio back towards the pre-pandemic norm
  • Proportion of group bookings double that experienced in spring 2021
  • Compared with Q2 2021, most source markets reported an increase in student weeks
  • The top ranked source markets largely reflect pre-Covid Q2 ones, with China and Russia the notable absences
  • Overall volume remained at below pre-pandemic levels, but the incremental recovery (seen throughout 2021) has continued. 

We are grateful to all our QUIC participants for committing their time and resources to submit quarterly data.  

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