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14 February 2020

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Members matter: get involved with your association

Members are at the heart of everything we do. Since 2004, we have existed to help you succeed in every aspect of your business. The English UK logo is a worldwide mark of quality and we give great discounts on copyright and film licences - but we can offer much, much more to members.

Our conferences, training, events, website and newsletters are all designed to support your work, and because we're not-for-profit they're all costed at the lowest-possible price, or free. And we'll always pick up the phone or answer your emails for anything else.

Now we want to deepen our understanding of how you work, what you need from us - and answer questions about how we work and what we can do for you.

So we've got an ambitious plan to visit every member centre during the next five years.

Members matter centre visits

Ideally, we'd love a couple members of our team to visit your centre for a cuppa, to meet staff and students, and hear about your challenges, goals and ideas.

But exactly what happens and how long we stay is entirely up to you.

If it's not convenient for us to visit when we get in touch, that's not a problem. We'll visit at another time. Or, if you are especially keen for a visit, let us know!

In areas with more members, we might also arrange a drop-in event, probably in the evening, where you can socialise with us and each other and we can all find out more about what everyone's doing.

The locations we will be visiting in 2020 are:




  • Birmingham
  • Bournemouth
  • Canterbury
  • Coventry
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • London
  • Oxford
  • Paignton
  • Torquay
  • Totnes
  • Brighton
  • Bristol
  • Cambridge
  • Cardiff
  • London
  • Manchester
  • Newcastle
  • Scarborough

Are you making enough of what we can do for you?

We want to make sure you squeeze every drop of value from your membership. So we've created Members Matter – our campaign to get us all working more closely.

Although we plan to visit every member centre to see how you work, find out what you think and answer any questions you've got, it's going to take time for us to get to all of you. So we'd love you to engage with us in the ways that suit you best right now.

Here's some ideas to get you started:

What do you think of all this? Could we improve it? Let us know, because members matter.


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