QUIC 2020: looking forward, not back
17 March 2021

QUIC 2020: looking forward, not back

Our QUIC report covering the whole of 2020 is now available.

QUIC (the quarterly intelligence cohort) is our statistics scheme for member centres who have opted to submit student week data on a quarterly basis to access better and faster market intelligence.

Usually, we produce one report per quarter but in 2020 we took the decision to produce a single report for the whole year, acknowledging the impact of Covid-19 on the sector and the reduced need for quarterly insights when student numbers were so low.

The 2020 edition should therefore not be read in the same way as the previous QUIC reports. It deliberately contains no historic comparisons: its primary purpose is as a benchmark for recovery after Covid-19, making 2020 effectively year zero.

Collecting the full quarterly data in 2020 has allowed us to safeguard the integrity of our industry-leading quarterly statistics scheme, and has given us a baseline to monitor and understand recovery in source markets.

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