Abdul's experience learning English in the UK
24 October 2016

Abdul Rahman is 17 and from Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. He is studying general English at English UK member English in Chester.

Hello Abdul. What made you want to improve your English in the UK?

I want to go to university and study to be a mechanical engineer. I will speak and read English on the course so I want my English to be better. 

What made you choose English in Chester?

First of all I was searching for the best school and I found many schools. I chose English in Chester because I thought it was very good and the city is good and quiet. I tried to avoid many Saudi people to improve my English, and that was why I chose English in Chester.

What do you think of Chester?

It is really good. There are many activities you can do and also many places to visit, many historical places. I like the wall around the city and my teachers are so friendly and so kind and also the students.

Has anything surprised you?

It's very different to home. It surprised me because it's my first time in the UK and in Chester I've found a new life here. First of all the weather is very different to Saudi Arabia. I love if it's rain or it's warm because in Saudi Arabia it's 50 degrees. I like the places and the transport - it's easy to go anywhere.

To be honest there isn't anything I don't like. Everything is good.

So would you recommend it to others?

Of course I'd recommend it. My experience has been very good and I'd recommend it to friends and my family also.


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