Spring festivals unique to the UK
21 April 2017

Spring time brings several festivals and fairs that you can enjoy across the season. Whether you want to see a traditional British event, something related to art or a festival where you can enjoy the gorgeous flowers of spring, you will find something for you in the UK.

Go to a flower show

The UK is famous for its gardens and the annual Harrogate Flower Show in late April is a really big event. It's well worth a visit if you like flowers, as you will see some amazing displays and experience some very British culture.

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The show includes a pavilion dedicated to flower displays, including a competition for the best displays using cars, and other competitions for wedding flowers and for other themes. There are special gardens, created especially for the show, and rooms for new plants and new fashions in gardening.

There are lots of flower shows in the UK during the spring and summer, so if you can't get to this one, there are lots of other opportunities.


Go to an arts festival

It's a wonderful time to visit the UK to see live music, theatre, comedy or art, as there are several major arts festivals on in May.

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Brighton is the biggest, with a huge Fringe as well as the arts festival (run this year by poet Kate Tempest), plus the Great Escape music festival for new acts, and the amazing Open Houses, where artists open up their own homes as art galleries.

Brighton hosts events during most of May.

There is also the Norfolk and Norwich Festival in the East of England in May, with arts, theatre, dance and circus, and the Cheltenham Jazz Festival at the end of April.

Celebrate spring the old-fashioned way

Morris dancing is a very strange English tradition. Men and women dance in trousers, braces and frilly shirts, with bells on their legs, hitting sticks with each other as they go. They are usually dancing to music played on an accordion.

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If you'd like to see Morris dancing, and dancing round a maypole, and other traditional English pastimes, there are plenty of spring fairs and dances at this time of year, including the Downton Cuckoo Fair in the South of England on Saturday 29 April and the Marsden Cuckoo Festival in Yorkshire from Friday 21 to Sunday 23 April.

Why are they both called Cuckoo festivals? The Cuckoo is a bird with a very unusual lifestyle (it lays its eggs in the nests of other birds) and a distinctive sound, which is usually heard from April onwards.


There is so much to discover in the UK, spend some time here to improve your English and who knows what else you will find...



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