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19 April 2017

General Election for the UK

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, surprised everyone by announcing that there will be an election in June. This is because there has been a law which means elections are only held every five years, and the next one was not due until 2020. Even though she had said that she would not call an election.

Now she says an election is in the national interest. It will be held on Thursday 8 June.

Prince Harry says he had therapy

There has been a lot of interest in an interview given by Prince Harry. The prince, who is 32, talked to a journalist about how he chose to get help for his mental health. Prince Harry's mother, Princess Diana, died in a car crash when he was 12. He says this had "a serious effect" on him and he spent 20 years shutting down his emotions. He then had two years of "total chaos" and says he is now "in a good place".

The Prince says his older brother, Prince William, tried to persuade him to get help.

He spoke about his problems to help other people suffering from mental health issues. "Once you start talking about it, you realise you are part of a big club," he says.

The Prime Minister has praised the Prince for his bravery. Now the Government is planning to do more to help schoolchildren with mental health issues.

Brighton's football team go into the Premier League

Every year, three teams go up into the Premier League, and three drop from the Premier League to the Championship. There are still several weeks of the football season to go, but this weekend Brighton and Hove Albion was promoted to the Premier League.

There was a lot of emotion around this. Brighton last played in the top division in 1983. Since then, it has had some very bad years. The team lost its football ground and did not have anywhere permanent to play for many years. It shared a ground 75 miles away for a while, and then played at a small athletics stadium in Brighton for several seasons. The club almost disappeared because it ran out of money 20 years ago.

Now the club's fortunes have changed. It has a new stadium and training ground, and was almost promoted last season. It has been the big sporting news story for several weeks.

Meet the shrimp with a mad name

An Oxford scientist has named a new shrimp after his favourite band.

The shrimp has a claw that can be snapped so loudly that it can stun other creatures, which are then eaten. The sound of the claw is louder than a gunshot and can stun or kill small fish.

Dr Sammy de Grave, from Oxford's museum of natural history, has called the shrimp Pink Floyd. The Latin name for the shrimp is Synalpheus pinkfloydi.

The five most important life skills

Scientists at University College London have identified the five life skills which are most important for having a healthy, wealthy and successful life.

They looked at people in their fifties and sixties, and found that those who scored highly in four out of the five skills were doing better. They had more money, were happier, healthier and had more friends.

People with two of the skills or less were more often lonely, poor, depressed or had health problems, even if they had a rich family or a private education.

The important skills are:

  • Emotional stability (this means not changing all the time from happy to sad and back)
  • Determination
  • Control
  • Optimism (this means being positive about things)
  • Conscientiousness (this means doing the right things)


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