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25 April 2018



Royal baby born

The future King and Queen of the UK had a third baby this week. The baby is a little boy, and has four people between him and being King one day (so it's not very likely). His name has not yet been announced.

The baby's mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, is now well-known for appearing on the steps of her maternity hospital looking great just hours after having a baby. This time she wore a red dress and high heels as she showed off the baby, wrapped up tightly in a white blanket.

In the UK, kings and queens stay in the job until they die. That means that the current Queen is 92, and the next King (called the Heir to the Throne) is Prince Charles, who is 65. After him is his eldest son, Prince William (the new baby's father). After that come his children, in age order – Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and the new baby.

The new baby has made history. Before the law changed in 2013 (?) he would have automatically risen above his sister in the line of people who could become King or Queen, simply because boys were always pushed before girls. Now, it is done purely on age.

UK enjoys heatwave

It is currently spring in the UK, which means we can get sunny days but it usually isn't very warm. But last week people were sunbathing on beaches and in parks and sales of ice-cream and sun cream rose.

For a few days, the UK was hotter than the Mediterranean and had the hottest April day for 70 years. The London marathon was also run in record heat. Competitors were warned to drink lots of water, go slower, and not run in fancy dress. One runner died after collapsing 22 miles into the event.

Arsenal manager announces he's leaving

The biggest football news of the week – but not the most surprising – was when Arsene Wenger, manager of Arsenal FC for 22 years, announced he is leaving.

He has been Arsenal's manager for around 1,230 games, winning three of them 7-0. The team have scored 2,285 goals, won 17 trophies (including three Premier League title wins, seven FA cups and seven Community Shields). No other manager has won the FA Cup more times than he has. His team only finished outside the top four Premier League teams once, which was last season.

Plastic drinking straws to be banned in the UK

The government plans to reduce the amount of plastic waste going into rivers and seas by banning some items completely.

They are talking about banning drinking straws, drinks stirrers and cotton buds (plastic sticks with cotton wool on both ends), and this might happen next year. The Scottish government is already consulting on banning plastic cotton buds.

There has been a lot of interest in stopping plastic going into the sea since David Attenborough's last series was shown on the TV a few months ago, showing the bad effects it has on fish and other marine life. UK shops already have to charge for plastic carrier bags.

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