Reports, analysis and securing business in the future
25 April 2017

This year, there is a lot to sink your teeth into at the English UK Annual Conference.

The conference will see the launch of two new substantial reports: English UK's annual statistics report with analysis from Samuel Vetrak of Studentmarketing; and the latest English language market report on Brazil by Dave Allan of NILE.

Professor of Economics and Public Policy Jonathan Portes will deliver the keynote session on how Brexit will fundamentally reshape UK immigration policy, visa policy and border control, with major implications for the UK international education sector. Then a panel will will discuss how we can infuence the debate on international students.

Breakout sessions will explore developments in the sector as providers look for different ways to secure business: English UK Chair Steve Phillips will chair a discussion on transnational education, a growing part of the UK international education offer that presents unique opportunities and challenges; while Justin Quinn will chair a panel on understanding and meeting the changing needs of agent.

A joint session by the Home Office will share policy updates relating to student visa routes and operational matters relating to Tier 4.  And Liz McLaren, manager of the Accreditation UK scheme, will be joined by senior inspector Keith Morrow to shed light on inspection and accreditation in the future (the next edition of the Accreditation UK Handbook is due to start from 1 January 2018).

Join us on Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 May in Bristol, to cover all these topics and more, and meet fellow members.

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