Tackling mental health with English UK
20 December 2018

According to a 2017 report by Campus Living, 35% of international students consider themselves to have poor mental health, and up to 55% report having poor mental health for over two years.

The ELT sector deals entirely with international students, both under and over 18. As a sector, we should all know how to tackle mental health, whether students are with you for a few weeks or a few years.

One in four people suffer from poor mental health in their lifetime, and when students are away from home in a country they don't know, it becomes even more likely.

English UK wants to ensure that your centre has the resources and capabilities to stop problems from escalating if you are faced with a student or staff member with a mental health issue. We aim to create an atmosphere for our members in which their students can thrive and all staff know how to act with empathy and best practice in seemingly difficult situations. Our objective is to ensure students, teachers and other staff members can be open and honest about mental health issues and keep everyone safe.

We have researched and compiled resources from organisations that are able to help, including a short explanation for the usefulness of each resource.

We will also be expanding upon this discussion during our Academic Conference in January with a talk on special education needs (SEN).

Mental Health Infographic FINAL PNG

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