Webinar: Covid-19: online teaching with a long-term mindset
24 March 2020

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Webinar: Covid-19: online teaching with a long-term mindset

Find out how to teach online with a long-term mindset with Dan Thompson. With the move to online teaching becoming less of a temporary stop-gap and looking more like the continuing method of education for the foreseeable future, considerations have to be made for materials development outside the teacher's room, methods for teachers to build rapport with their students, and ways of keeping up morale for teachers during periods of isolation. Webinar recorded: Monday 30 March 2020.


About the speaker: Dan Thompson

Dan Thompson has been an educator for the past 12 years in 6 countries around the world and has over 6 years of online teaching experience to various age groups and language levels. He has recently started a company focused on global online education and is currently teaching with EF in Oxford.

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