English and copper, gold or tin!
8 November 2016

Mining experts and those who want to enter a career in the industry are the target for a new specialist suite of courses at English UK member the Devon School of English.

English with Mining has been in development for a couple of years, as the school has built relationships with the Camborne School of Mines in Falmouth and also its own fully qualified and very experienced mining expert.

Now the courses have been launched, and include specialist options on different metals as well as the chance to visit the Camborne School of Mines.

Paul Hawthorne, principal and managing director of the school, said: "We're really proud to have launched this - it's something very different, and yet it seems obvious because we are in a historic mining area - a Unesco Heritage world site - and are also not too far away from Camborne, one of the world's top mining training colleges.

"We launched it at the South American Mining Fair with UKTI and the Chilean Minister for Mining and there's a lot of excitement about it."

Paul said the training courses have been carefully structured and planned with the support of the school's own mining expert so that some are suitable for engineers who wish to develop their skills and their English, and others would be useful for students who would like to go on to study at Camborne. They are available on demand or an individual basis, as intensive one or two-week options.

English UK member offer all sorts of courses, from learning legal English with a lawyer or focussing on crystal clear vowel sounds to practising how to negotiate or raising money for charity while you learn.


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