"I prefer the accent and the culture is very rich": Lucas' experience studying in Leeds
7 November 2016

Lucas Marinho Da Silva is 30 and from Sao Paulo in Brazil. He is studying at English UK member Leeds English Language School and came here after visiting the English is GREAT: Speak to the World classroom and stand at a Salão do Estudante Fair. Here, he took part in a free English lesson with teacher Francine Packham of the Leeds English Language School.

Why did you want to improve your English?

I'm the manager of a bank in Brazil but I am looking for a new experience to improve my career. English will help me - it will open a new world of knowledge for me.

How did you come to the UK?

American English is very common in Brazil but I chose to come to the UK because it is close to other countries like Italy and France. You can't do that in the US. 

When I went to the Salao do Estudante fair I was looking for a school in the US but instead I found the English is GREAT campaign and attended the free  English class - that stayed in my mind.

When I couldn't find any accommodation at a school in Boston, I remembered English is GREAT and in five minutes I had found a course and accommodation in Leeds - it was easy and cheaper than the US.

How do you like Leeds?

From the beginning I preferred the accent in the UK and the culture is very rich. I am happy. My wish is to live here. Leeds is a beautiful city, very different to Sao Paolo. The architecture is beautiful and it's very different.

What do you like best?

I like the weather. It's always hot in Brazil and it's not comfortable. Sometimes I feel very cold but it's new and I like that. The transport here is very easy - I go to the city centre sometimes, I go to London.

When I stayed in London last year I was in a big school but here in Leeds I don't feel like a number, I have help not just from my teacher but all the teachers if I have a question. I have more support with the language.

Has anything surprised you?

No. I felt very comfortable in my first week. I felt sad when I couldn't understand English  - sometimes I can't understand words very well. But now my ears are more comfortable with the language.

Would you recommend studying in the UK to your friends?

I would recommend them to come here though it was a long journey. I would really recommend coming here to Leeds.


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