For new and experienced UK ELT marketers: the Marketing Conference 2020
3 February 2020

Marketing Conference 2019 breakout session 600w

Something for everyone: join us on Friday for the English UK Marketing Conference

We are getting excitied for the Marketing Conference 2020 this week! Join us on Friday 7 February for sessions from the practicalities of life on the road to business opportunities and understanding your online performance, there's something for your whole marketing team, from new starters to managers.

If you or colleagues are finding the travel a grind, or not getting the outcomes you want, Thom Jones will be giving an upbeat session on 'Life on the road', full of tips to make travel more enjoyable for yourself and successful for your business. Coupled with sessions on writing content and understanding the sales funnel, your trips can be more productive than ever before.

If you're staying behind a desk and thinking more strategically, Mark Henenbury of the Department for International Trade (DIT) will deliver a session on how English language teaching centres can grow and diversify their businesses using opportunities through DIT. Along with sessions on the future of UK ELT, and marketing to China with the British Council China (with chance for Q&A) you can make informed decisions on your centre's future direction and how to respond to the rapidly changing conditions in China.

And to help measure the results of all the changes you'll be making we've got Monitoring digital campaigns results using Google Analytics with Thanassis Koukoutselos of Language Cert. Join sessions on how to optimise SEO and the sales funnel and get on top of your online presence.

Added to that we've got lunch, food and views for the lunches and Disquiet Dog are putting on drinks and food at the very classy Two Bridges just down the road. We hope to see you there!


Thom Jones 130x170

The road to nowhere: business travel for pleasure and profit with Thom Jones

This will be a practical of hacks, wisdom and words of advice on travelling, selling and sanity.

'I'm exhausted! Meetings, hotels and airports'. If you say this when you get home/back into the office...and it's true; you're doing it wrong. If it's not true but you say it anyway...why do we feel the need? Status is often confused with stress in our professional culture. Being on the road can be tough, but is always significantly better than being stood in the rain waiting for a number 38 bus. We are immensely lucky. We'll look at how to plan a trip, where to go, when and how to get there. What to pack, who to see and how to balance your needs and your work while also having an excellent time.

We will ask a clever room questions. Bring your own clever.

Thom Jones is director of Brock Solutions Agency and an associate to No Fluff.

 Mark Henenbury 130x170

Opportunities for doing business presented by DIT with Mark Henenbury

The Department for International Trade will share opportunities on how English Language Teaching centres can grow and diversify their businesses.

There will be time for a Q and A with Mark on the challenges that ELT centres might face with winning and delivering projects at different scales. 

Mark Henebury joined the DIT in September 2018 as the English language training specialist in the DIT education sector team. 

 Thanassis Loukoutselos 130x170

Monitoring digital campaigns results using Google Analytics with Thanassis Koukoutselos

This session, suitable also for less experienced marketers, aims to guide the audience through best practices and practical tips through topics such as:

  • Implementing Google Analytics based on best practices for both beginner and advanced scenarios
  • Understanding where your traffic comes from and segmenting your traffic to your different traffic sources (both organic and paid)
  • Learning more about your audience and how your users navigate between pages of your site
  • Measuring your campaigns goals, KPIs, leads, revenues and ROI
  • Using Google Analytics as a real time monitoring tool for your campaigns and getting alerted on performance fluctuations
  • Building and sharing custom reports with various stakeholders

Thanassis Koukoutselos is Digital marketing and eCommerce manager at PeopleCert, running worldwide digital campaigns. 


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