Market data: A snapshot of our statistics schemes and what they mean for members
7 February 2020

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Market data: a snapshot of our statistics schemes and what they mean for members

English UK produces a range of reports and analysis to help our members run successful businesses that give students a great experience learning English in the UK. As well as reports on specific sending markets, we offer analysis of the UK ELT industry to help members build partnerships, recruit students and to help us represent and speak up for our industry.

English UK offers UK ELT market data in two formats:

Each report covers its own unique data set and involves members submitting their own data for analysis.

We wanted to give you an overview of each statistics scheme to avoid any confusion, particularly as the final days of the reporting period for your annual student data submissions coincides with when applications to join QUIC open.

Annual student statistics report

The annual students statistics report is based on our annual survey of English UK member centres, with the data analysis outsourced our professional insight partner Bonard.

This statistics initiative is free to participate in and, as it is compulsory for English UK member centres, it is the only membership-wide census of students studying ELT in the UK. All members are asked to report by source market, total student weeks and total student numbers.

The data collection culminates with launch of a detailed report at our annual conference and AGM in May. The conference includes a session presenting the major developments of the UK ELT market in the previous year.

The report includes:

  • Separate analysis of private and state sector data
  • Global competitive analysis (ie the UK's market share of global ELT)
  • Like-for-like - comparisons showing year-on-year fluctuation in selected markets.

Usually mid-February is the deadline for members to submit their annual student data. Find out more about the annual student data submission or contact the membership team with any questions.

Quarterly intelligence cohort (QUIC)

QUIC provides in-depth analysis of the UK ELT industry's source markets on a quarterly basis. Participation is open to English UK members only and is optional. Around one third of the membership normally participate. 

This industry-leading initiative introduces features not available in the annual reports. It gathers much more detailed data on student weeks by source market so the resulting market analysis and breakdowns are more in-depth. 

Reporting on market trends more frequently and significantly earlier than our annual report (within eight weeks of each quarter end, rather than five months of year end), participants can use QUIC reports to benchmark their own performance, identify opportunities and inform time-critical business decisions.

To ensure the robustness of the market intelligence, these reports are also outsourced to our insight partner Bonard. 

Produced since 2017, with constant improvements along the way, each comprehensive quarterly report includes:

  • In-depth insight into more than 110 UK ELT source markets
  • Age specific, country by country breakdowns
  • Analysis of booking source (direct/commissionabLe) and type (individual/group) for each market
  • Breakdown of adult and junior course types and much more
  • Historical comparisons to reveal longer term trends
  • Comparative analysis across UK regions and programme type
  • Cumulative yearly data - summarising and combining Q1-Q4 figures.
  • Supplementary MS Excel format pivot tables with sectoral, regional and provider-type breakdowns.

These accompanying, user-friendly pivot tables offer the QUIC participants more granular intelligence and benchmarks tailored to their organisation.

While the top-line executive summary is publicly available, the detailed report and pivot tables are exclusive to English UK member centres participating in QUIC. 

Join QUIC 

Sign up is from January of each year. Normally the first set of quarterly data is submitted in early April and participants receive their quarter one report in May.

  • Contact Roz if you are interested in joining QUIC 2023 

Why do these reports matter?

Market insight is cruicial for business success and English UK is commited to supporting members by providing robust information to help them benchmark their performance and monitor market trends. 

Patrik Pavlacic, Bonard's head of research, advises: "As the (global ELT) market reaches maturity, business intelligence on source market performance is the key. You should constantly evaluate the data to see opportunities to diversify.

"You need to be well-established in traditional, sizeable markets to generate volume, but at the same time looking for shifts in the global market to identify and tap into emerging markets."

To identify these markets, Patrik recommends leveraging QUIC data to complement the annual reports.


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