Welfare manual

The English UK welfare manual is a guide to help members deliver best practice in student welfare, accommodation and safeguarding under 18s. The guide offers detailed information to help with understanding Accreditation UK inspection criteria as well as ideas and templates to help you meet these criteria. The current version is based Accreditation UK Handbook 2018/2019. 

The safeguarding under 18s section was updated in January 2022 to reflect recent changes in access to the Barred List.

The manual is made up of four sections: care of students; accommodation; leisure opportunities; and safeguarding under 18s. Each section lists the inspection criterion together with relevant background information, key questions and helpful information and resources.

  • Read each criterion carefully; every phrase will be there for a reason
  • Consider how best to meet the criteria
  • Be specific to your centre and students, e.g. age, courses, location, length of stay
  • Produce clear written evidence of policies and procedures
  • Keep your documents well organised and accessible

Note: Some criteria are essential for all providers to comply with; e.g. most of the management standards. Others apply only where relevant to your specific context; e.g. the self-access centre criterion (P10) is only relevant if you have one.

The manual does not:

  • Contain a definitive list of documents that members must have
  • Guarantee centres will receive 'areas of strength' in accreditation
  • Provide comprehsive guidance to statutory compliance
  • Cover other inspection schemes, such as the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) PFE Educational Oversight inspections.

While some references are made to legal obligations, this document is not a guide to the law. The inspection criteria can appear broad in scope, but this is to allow all providers to meet them successfully, according to their situation.

The English UK welfare manual

Supporting documents

Additional help

We hope you find the manual helpful. If you have any questions please contact Naadiya Rawat at English UK. Expert advice is also available through the English UK consultancy service for all existing or potential members.

A pre-consultancy phone discussion with English UK is followed by a consultancy to review all, or particular, sections of the inspection scheme criteria. The consultant gives feedback on ways to improve performance, supported by a written report. Members often use the service to help prepare for a forthcoming (re-)inspection and find it beneficial.