China Roadshow

Our China Roadshow is usually one of our big annual market development events. It last ran in 2019 and we hope to be back in China in autumn 2023.

China Roadshow

The China Roadshow, organised by English UK in partnership with the British Council, is an annual event that connects English UK members with a large number of quality agents in different Chinese cities.

It is the only specialist UK ELT business networking event in China, the top source market for the state sector and second largest overall for UK ELT.

The event not only connects agents with summer and winter ELT providers, but also helps improve agents' understanding of the UK, visas and immigration and learning English in the UK through specialist seminars. You can view some of the seminar slides below:

Event programme

The China Roadshow combines one-to-one business meetings with evening receptions, networking lunches and seminars.

To make the roadshow as smooth as possible, your meetings will be scheduled through Marcom eSchedule PRO, an advanced meeting scheduling tool.

You will be supported and assisted by English UK and the British Council throughout the roadshow to enhance your profile. There will also be an opportunity to receive insights into the Chinese market and trends.

Why promote your centre in China?

  • China was the second largest market for all UK ELT again in 2018 with an average stay of 4.3 weeks. It was one of the fastest-growing markets in the state sector and forth largest in the private sector, after moving into the top five for the first time in 2016.
  • China is the undisputed top source market for the UK ELT state sector with 108,907 student weeks, which surged by almost 20% in 2018.

What do English UK members think?

"The quality of the agents...there were very few irrelevant meetings,and they were well-informed, engaged and already produce for the UK. It's always stimulating to go to China – the market seems to be developing at breakneck pace, and you come away bursting with ideas for new groups and products." - Nicole Kennedy, Studio Cambridge

"It is the best event for schools who want to recruit junior groups from China. We have formed a number of very productive partnerships relationships from the roadshow. It really was the second and third years where it has really 'borne fruit'." - Tregarran Percival, UKLC