Staff news - maternity cover
30 September 2022

Staff news | maternity cover

We're delighted to announce that our chief executive Jodie gave birth to a baby boy on Monday 26 September. Jodie is now on maternity leave and her maternity cover will be provided internally by members of the senior leadership team, Annie and Huan, adopting the role of Joint Acting Chief Executives.

Annie and Huan will jointly lead on strategic decision-making, policy and planning, and governance. Both will work closely with the board of trustees. Huan will oversee financial management (working closely with our finance manager Nuria) as well as resource management. He will lead on all aspects of public affairs and external relations and will oversee accreditation and compliance.

Annie will lead on marketing communications and market development and will oversee human resource management and the work of the projects team, which includes events and training, market development and intelligence initiatives and English UK's anti-racism plans and environmental action.

It is currently Jodie's intention to return to work from the beginning of February.

To facilitate the time that will be required for Annie and Huan to take on their additional responsibilities other members of the team are supporting them and temporarily increasing their working days from 4 to 5 per week to provide support on specific areas of work and projects.

The English UK team:

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