Choosing a course

If you are thinking about travelling to the UK to learn English, here are a few questions you could ask yourself.

What course?

Q:  Do I want to learn English for work or pleasure?

Q:  What is my level of English right now, and what do I want to achieve?

Q:  Do I want to take examinations and gain qualifications?

Q:  How much do I want to spend?

Find out more about the types of accredited courses on offer, and the course providers. 

Where to study?

Q:  Have I considered all UK regions: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland?

Q:  Do I want to be in a big city, small town, by the sea or in the countryside?

Q:  Would I prefer to study at a university, college or dedicated language school?

Q:  Are course costs and living expenses an issue?

Find out more about different regions of the UK on our regional profile pages. Read more about living expenses in cost of studying