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  • English UK welcomes its first national special interest group
    29 July 2010

    English language centres in Scotland have joined forces to become English UK Scotland.

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  • Immigration minister promises to look again at B1 language rule
    26 July 2010

    Immigration Minister Damian Green and UK Border Agency Chief Executive Lin Homer today undertook to work with English UK and its members to look for alternative solutions to maintaining the controversial language requirement for visa-national students on English language courses.

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  • English UK disappointed at Border Agency’s change to visa rules
    22 July 2010

    English UK today said it was "very disappointed" at the decision by the UK Border Agency to again raise the level of English proficiency required for British student visas.

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  • English UK wins high court judicial review case
    9 July 2010

    More than 3,000 jobs and over £600 million a year in foreign earnings have been saved for the UK economy by a High Court judgement on which international students can come to the UK.

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  • English UK takes Government to court
    2 July 2010

    The Government's decision to raise the required level of English for visa students applying to study the language in the UK was challenged in the High Court this week.

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