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These releases cover all aspects of the Association's work, from commenting on government policy or new research through fairs and events promoting studying in the UK to training events and conferences. To keep things simple, only major releases are posted here: check our news section to find every story about us.

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  • English UK and our members welcome Russian students
    6 April 2018

    An affirmation of English UK's continued commitment to providing the highest standards of safety and care to Russian students.

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  • QUIC Q4 2017 figures suggest continued growth for UK ELT
    23 February 2018

    The latest English UK figures show the growth experienced by the UK ELT market in summer 2017, continued into the final trading quarter of 2017.

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  • English UK figures suggest ELT market recovery
    23 November 2017

    The first ELT growth since 2013 was seen this summer, according to new English UK figures.

    Members of the association's Quarterly Intelligence Cohort (QUIC) initiative reported 214,851 student weeks in the third quarter of 2017, compared with 183,203 in a predecessor scheme in 2016. This represents a year-on-rise of over 17 per cent.

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  • New style of English UK Fair is popular with participants
    6 November 2017

    An innovative English UK fair which included Italian secondary school teachers as well as agents and member centres was so popular that extra places were created.

    The fair, in Milan, was designed to use the power of school teachers as influencers by giving them more information on studying with English UK, before introducing them to educators and reputable Italian agents.

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  • Innovation attracts agents on English UK inward mission
    24 October 2017

    Agents from markets around the world are keen to work with English UK member centres they visited during a tour of east and central England in October.

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