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  • Community, ads and a friendly chatbot: developing your digital presence
    15 January 2020

    Are you making the most of your social media presence? With huge reach, instant sharing, and a sense of community, social media can drive bookings for your centre and needn't cost the earth.

    If you want ideas and confidence going forwards, we've got a set of sessions for you at the Marketing Conference on Friday 7 February.

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  • English UK explains UK ELT to the new Parliament
    9 January 2020

    New MPs, members of the House of Lords and government officials all attended a packed briefing about the value of ELT and FE international students to the UK on Wednesday 8 January.

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  • Beyond teaching: UK ELT and climate, gender and solidarity
    9 January 2020

    Like all professions and industries, UK ELT centres and staff face questions and decisions around ethics and responsibility every day.

    We look forward to discussing how a number of key issues of our time relate to, impact and can be supported by our UK ELT industry.

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  • Rediscover your passion for the English language at the ELT Conference 2020
    6 January 2020

    Do you or your colleagues want to indulge your passion for the English language and ELT?

    Join us the ELT conference to discuss practice, strategic and global issues and trends.

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  • Season's greetings from English UK
    20 December 2019

    Thank you to all our members, partners and friends of UK ELT for working with us to help half a million students follow their dreams every year.

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