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  • Which airlines accept solo travellers under 16?
    16 April 2019

    EasyJet announced they will no longer accept bookings for solo travellers aged under 16. Find out which airlines do.

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  • Studying ELT in the UK: things to see and do when you visit in 2019
    6 April 2019

    Discover activities and events you can do while studying in the UK.

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  • Tourist chiefs confident of strong summer for UK
    5 April 2019

    New figures have been released by the UK tourist industry suggesting that it will grow faster than the digital industry in the coming years.

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  • Whatever flavour of Brexit we get, find out how to make the most of it for your ELT business
    4 April 2019

    After the popularity of our panel talk on Brexit at the English UK Marketing Conference, we are organising another for the Annual Conference.

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  • Government answers questions on Erasmus+ and Brexit: what does it mean for ELT?
    3 April 2019

    The House of Lords has been asking questions about the future of Erasmus+ with a focus on UK rather than EU students.

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