Member news
  • English UK's voice heard on Brexit and future immigration scenarios
    31 October 2018

    Lobbying across the sector has certainly intensified over recent weeks including participation in a private roundtable, hosted by Universities UK, at both major party conferences...

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  • Visa and compliance news
    30 October 2018

    Increase to the immigration health durcharge from December; original documents will no longer be necessary for visa applications; GDPR helpline coming soon; and guidance on the package travel directive.

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  • Showcasing UK education at ICEF Berlin 2018
    29 October 2018

    Visit our Education is GREAT village and seating zone, find us at stand 51 and join our seminar - At the cutting edge: 2018 data and what it means for your business - on Sunday evening.

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  • Members and agents build connections in Madrid
    26 October 2018

    The UK's high quality education and excellent safeguarding rules were highlighted to Spanish agents at ASEPROCE this week.

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  • Five top tips from experts in marketing
    26 October 2018

    You want to get more students; we want to help you do that. Here are five top tips from this year's marketing conference - and early bird prices for 2019.

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  • Yorkshire Three Peak Challenge: mission completed!
    25 October 2018

    We did it! We completed the 25-mile walk, including Yorkshire's three highest mountains, in under 12 hours and raised almost £10,000 for the Eddie Byers Fund.

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  • Focus on: Residential accommodation in Northern England
    23 October 2018

    This half-day session focuses on that vital, but always challenging, part of running an ELT centre: residential accommodation. Speakers Neil Siner, Liz Granato and James Herbertson will address this in relation to the north of England.

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  • Managing your residential accommodation: how to fulfill your duty of care
    19 October 2018

    British Council inspector, Diane Phillips holds workshops on how to manage your residential accommodation and keep best practice.

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  • Over half way to our target and ready to start our challenge!
    18 October 2018

    Thank you everyone who has supported us so far - we are over half way to our target and will set of to Yorkshire tomorrow...

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  • Are you in a subgroup? Tell us and win a place at the marketing conference
    17 October 2018

    Are you in a subgroup? Whether you are or not tell us why!

    All participants will be entered into a free prize draw for one of three places at the marketing conference. To enter the prize draw, please complete your survey by Friday 2 November.

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  • How to manage your homestay accommodation: training for UK ELT providers
    15 October 2018

    Diane Phillips shares good practice and gives the most up-to-date information on all aspects of managing homestay accommodation.

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  • Getting students from Japan: how to work with Japanese study abroad agents
    11 October 2018

    Whether you're planning to join us in Osaka or find other ways to get into the market, here are some expert tips on building relationships with Japanese agents...

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  • What professional development do English language teachers need?
    9 October 2018

    Silvana Richardson, head of teacher development at Bell English, says simply providing opportunities for professional development is not enough.

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  • Eddie Byers Fund 2018 awards: helping refugees in the UK and school children overseas
    4 October 2018

    Grants awarded to support refugees and asylum seekers in the UK and school children in Palestine and Tanzania through to life-changing language projects.

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