Training news
  • UKTI Business Opportunity in UAE for organisations in English language training, innovation and e-learning
    30 November 2015

    UK Trade & Investment (UKTI)  are promoting a partnership opportunity in United Arab Emirates (UAE) for organisations that can offer training  in English Language around power and energy. 

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  • Action research: helping students learn, revitalising teaching (and it's time to apply for our 2016 scheme)
    24 November 2015

    Seasoned teacher Fiona Wattam wondered what her students did with the writing she so carefully marked when the same mistakes kept on appearing. So she decided to find out more, by carrying out an action research project in her classroom.

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  • Avoid Groundhog Day in the ELT classroom with English UK's Teaching Conference
    11 November 2015

    What do the classic second language acquisition case studies have to help teachers in the classroom? How can teachers get out of their rut and invigorate lessons with something new? How can teachers help students settle, and does early emphasis on tenses hinder those learning English?

    All these questions, and many more, were discussed during English UK's annual Teachers'  Conference.

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  • Safeguarding teenagers: what do teachers need to know?
    2 November 2015

    So you're a English language teacher and you find a group of your 16-year-old students drinking in your local pub: what do you do?

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