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  • Safeguarding adults: specialist ELT training
    27 September 2019

    Safeguarding in the UK doesn't only apply to children, but to adults too. Make sure your centre is well equipped to look after all your students with specialist training created for English languge teaching centres.

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  • Enhance the student experience with industry experts this October
    18 September 2019

    Find out who we have lined up for the Student Experience Conference to help you enhance your centre's offer.

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  • Managing underperformance through Performance Improvement Plans with Dawn Harry
    14 September 2019

    Managing underperformance can be a difficult area, often with the potential to lead to stress, anxiety or conflict for both the manager and the underperformer...

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  • Reach your full potential with management training and a gender equality discussion
    13 September 2019

    Explore how managers can develop themselves and their teams, record success and manage underperformance at an English UK training day with outstanding feedback. Then join a special evening event on how we hold ourselves back and what we can do to overcome it.

    Both events are held in Exeter on Thursday 26 September 2019.

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  • Get results through coaching and mentoring
    13 September 2019

    What's the difference between coaching and mentoring? When should I use coaching and how do I go about setting up a coaching programme? What's my role and how do we get results? These are the type of questions that will be explored in Getting Results through Coaching and Mentoring.

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